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Be Your Own Medical Intuitive: Realize Immediate Success

Broadcast on November 04, 2021
With Tina Zion
Hosted by Vanessa C. Codorniu

Medical intuition is not a special gift bestowed just upon the priviledged few — we are all intuitive. You're already wired with the potential to improve your own physical health, while enjoying a life with less strife. Tina Zion will share how to recognize the primary blocks that are getting in the way of your natural intuitive abilities, and how to implement the four primary keys to improving your own health.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • Medical intuition is not a special gift — we are all intuitive
  • There are common blockages that you can break through to utilize your intuition
  • The four primary keys to becoming a successful intuitive 
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Tina Zion

Author & Teacher of Medical Intuition

Tina Zion, a fourth-generation medium, award-winning author, and educator, is globally recognized as a medical intuition expert. Tina teaches courses on medical intuition throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Tina has a national board specialty certification in mental health nursing from the American Nurses Credentialing Association, and has worked in the mental health field as a registered nurse. A Gestalt-trained mental health counselor, she received her certification in clinical hypnotherapy from the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, specializing in past-life regressions. 

Tina is also certified as a hypnotist utilizing Life Between Lives (LBL) modalities through the Michael Newton Institute. A Reiki master, she has taught this healing modality for over 10 years.

An award-winning author, Tina’s books include Become a Medical IntuitiveAdvanced Medical IntuitionThe Reiki Teacher’s ManualReiki and Your Intuition... and her newest book, Be Your Own Medical Intuitive. She is also a contributing author to Michael Newton’s book, Memories of the Afterlife.

Tina Zion