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Hydration as Energy Medicine Without All That Drinking

Broadcast on November 05, 2021
With Gina Bria
Hosted by Dr. Christine Schaffner

Water is the fuel for all life. How can we activate more hydration in our dehydrated modern world, without drinking even more? Anthropologist Gina Bria brings us strategies from her desert research that even surprised the scientists. In this talk, learn new strategies for hydration from the past and for the future.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • Consuming 8 glasses of water per day is not working
  • There are better ways to hydrate
  • Hydration is the most essential and fastest way to personal and planetary recovery
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Gina Bria

CEO, Hydration Foundation

Gina Bria is an anthropologist and founder of the Hydration Foundation, recognized as a leading resource for hydration science and education. Named a Real World Scholar, she produced the first International Hydration Solution Summit and the TEDx talk How to Grow Water: It’s Not Only Blue, It’s Green. Bria is co-author of QUENCH: Your Five-Day Plan to Optimal Hydration, with Dr. Dana Cohen, MD, now published in seven languages and recommended by the New York Times, Oprah’s O Magazine, NPR and many other media sources, acknowledging how she is changing the conversation about hydration for us, and for our planet. Her Rehydrate Our Thirsty Mother Earth project was selected for the Buckminster Fuller Design Science Ten-Year Award for organizations creating better water solutions. With her colleagues, she’s at work on A Movement in Water, a traveling water museum that's an immersive science and art exhibit, designed to raise reverence and promote understanding of our most precious element.

Gina Bria