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Color and Light: Ancient Healing, New Paradigms

Broadcast on November 04, 2021
With Rosemary Bourne
Hosted by Vanessa C. Codorniu

Rosemary Bourne discusses Esogetic Colorpuncture — a system of colored acu-light therapy that combines the energetic principles of Chinese medicine and European naturopathy with modern discoveries regarding the biophysics of light in the body.

In this session, you'll discover:

  • Esogetic Colorpuncture indicates that physical illness and pain are signals of deeper disharmonies in the psyche and spirit 
  • Esogetic therapies use acupuncture and other somatic reflex areas on the body to transmit colored light through the body’s energetic pathways
  • Each frequency of colored light transmits vibrations in a patterned sequence to restore cellular communication  
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Rosemary Bourne

Speaker, Teacher, Healer

Rosemary Bourne is a licensed acupuncturist, and director of the U.S. Institute for Esogetic Therapies. After receiving her acupuncture and Oriental medicine degrees in Australia and China, she trained personally with Dr. Peter Mandel for nine years, studying his innovative light therapy work as applied to advanced methods of Esogetic Colorpuncture, Energy Emission Analysis, and Kirlian Photography. 

Rosemary had a first hand opportunity to see Colorpuncture’s profound effects in healing issues, detoxing, and clearing early trauma. It became clear to her that light therapy is an essential component of true holistic healing, where body, mind, and spirit are brought into alignment. 

As part of Rosemary's healing practice, she has dedicated her life to the cultivation of the meditative arts. Her spiritual practice is an important influence in her work as a healer and teacher of the methods of esogetic medicine. Rosemary's intention is to create safe learning environments where students can acquire the critical skills they need, and also personally experience the healing power of light through esogetic medicine.

Rosemary is also certified in the somatic experiencing/trauma resolution work of Peter Levine. 

Rosemary Bourne