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The Energy Medicine Wisdom Collection 2019

The Energy Medicine and Healing Summit Collection 2019 gives you the opportunity to receive lifetime access to:

    Downloadable MP3 Recordings of EVERY session in the 2019 Energy Medicine & Healing Summit series

Streaming Videos of EVERY session in the 2019 Energy Medicine & Healing Summit series

PDF Transcripts of each session — to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, and search for key words

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Discover Balance, Restoration & Deep Healing

In our fast-paced, media-centric culture, we’re increasingly disconnected from our life force. We’re losing touch with our vital connection to the very source that’s naturally available to heal our bodies, balance our emotions, and awaken our consciousness...

By bringing our attention back to our energy core, we’re able to recalibrate our bodies, our minds, our emotions, and our spirits.

Therapies often categorized as “alternative” by Western medicine are actually rooted in ancient healing practices from all over the world... powerful and effective ways to treat illness, prevent disease, heal relationships, and increase vitality.

Today, more and more patients, practitioners, and doctors recognize the critical role of energy medicine in addressing a variety of health issues – including hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression, physical illness, emotional trauma, chronic illness, and more.

With The Energy Medicine Wisdom Collection 2019, you’ll discover a diverse number of therapies that can be applied easily – in a few minutes a day or through deep healing sessions with trained practitioners – and gain access to trusted guides who can show you exactly how to use the vast number of therapies wisely and effectively.

Lock in lifetime access to this diverse offering of energy medicine experts and modalities – and realize profound healing.

PLUS you’ll receive ACCESS to these ELEVEN BONUSES when you upgrade!

Nine Energy Systems

Streaming Video with Donna Eden

The body’s energy anatomy is as intricate and multi-layered as its physical anatomy. This engaging video offers a closer look at all nine of the body’s primary, interrelated energy systems — Meridians, Chakras, the Aura, Radiant Circuits, Triple Warmer, the Celtic Weave, the Five Rhythms, Electrics, and the Basic Grid — and suggests ways you can help to keep them in balance.

Boost Your Brain Power with Energy Medicine

Streaming Video by Dr. Melanie Smith

Learn more than twenty easy energy medicine techniques you can use on yourself to help improve the health of your brain, balance your energy systems, reduce stress, move lymph, and calm your nervous system to promote health and wellness. In this two-hour video Dr. Melanie will also share how to maintain healthy, strong brain function with lifestyle adjustments.

How to Stop Absorbing Other People's Energy: Practical Strategies for Empaths and Other Sensitive Souls

Downloadable Audio by Judith Orloff

In this audio download, Dr. Judith Orloff explores the strategies to thrive as a sensitive person. You will learn how to stay grounded and centered, yet also remain intuitive and open. In this talk Dr. Orloff explores how to identify draining people and avoid absorbing the stress of the world plus much more.

Guided Meditation to Transform the Energy of Your Home!

Audio Meditation by Jean Haner

You can listen to this guided meditation any time you feel the energy in your home needs a positive shift. Listen to Jean Haner as she leads you through a beautiful visualization that affects the energy around you, and changes how you feel in your home. Fill your home with love and positive vibrations!

Awakening to the Light

Audio Meditation by Jonathan Goldman

This 22-minute all purpose guided meditation can be used for healing, contact with inner guides, relaxation, sleep enhancement and much more. With soothing guidance and imagery from sound master Jonathan Goldman, "Awakening to the Light" features beautiful, enchanting music created by Jonathan with choral voices, synthesizers and e-bow guitars. This experience in conscious listening will enhance health, harmony and wellness.

The Science of Interconnectivity

PDF Download by Rollin McCraty

Classical physics for millennia has defined reality as a vast array of solid objects separated by empty space. Scientists today, however, suggest an unseen thread ties all things together, what the authors of the 34-page e-book call a “holistic web of interconnectedness.” They explore the emerging field view of reality and the four central hypotheses that drive HeartMath’s Global Coherence Initiative research, including that Earth’s magnetic fields carry biologically relevant information that connects all living systems. You’ll learn about the potential for increasing collective consciousness as people begin to better perceive their personal biofields and manage the energy they radiate.

Tapping for your Peace and Joy

Streaming Video by Robert Peng

We have 3 energy centers, Wisdom in the center of our head, Love in our chest and vitality in our lower torso. By tapping and chanting them into your Central Meridian, the harmonizing channel that connects us with heaven and earth, we flow into Universal Qi and get into blissfulness and serenity.

  • SONG — Relax
  • KONG — Open to Divine Energy
  • TONG — Embody the Divine Energy
  • BING — Dissipate the Negative Energy
  • CHUAN — Reorganize the Energy
  • YU — Perfect, Compassionate Pattern

The 7 levels of emotional mastery

Streaming Video by Kim Knight

In this free masterclass, Kim will share the 7 levels of emotional mastery you must attain in order to authentically claim you have reached true emotional freedom and mastery. Emotional freedom is a state of freedom from negative emotions or inner disturbance, where peace, harmony and joy are constantly experienced inside, no matter what is going on in your life.

Rise Through Letting go of Shame — A Deep Guided Healing and Talk

Audio Download by Wendy De Rosa

This guided healing and talk is an excerpt from Wendy’s Divine Healing Inner Circle monthly classes. Wendy tunes into the Spirit Guides and Angels and facilitates a deep healing. For some, shame causes a shrinking, silencing, withdrawal, underearning, low self-worth, procrastination, not feeling good about who you are and so much more. These stories play out in the mind clouding truth. The healing clears out ways your system has been holding shame as an energy, so that your true light can emerge.

Dragon Spirit Meditation: What’s Stopping You from Seeing Clearly?

Audio Meditation by Holly Tse

In this powerful Dragon Spirit meditation, you’ll gain clarity from your heart and soul to help you improve your vision, both physically and spiritually. Uncover the hidden blocks and energetic bonds that stop you from seeing clearly. After listening to this meditation, you’ll gain amazing insights on how to heal your vision and embrace life with eyes wide open.

Chakra Exercises for Kids

Streaming Video by Titanya Dahlin

Dedicated to each chakra, these exercises will make you feel good and balance your energy field. Ground the Root Chakra, connect into your creativity with the Womb Chakra, empower your Solar Plexus Chakra, heal your Heart Chakra, speak your truth in the Throat Chakra, grow your intuition with the Third Eye Chakra, and open to the cosmos in your Crown Chakra. Join your kids to do these fun and simple exercises which can foster family bonding and bring more joy while parenting!

You’ll receive ALL these bonuses PLUS unlimited access to recordings and transcripts of EVERY 2019 summit session, empowering you with essential teachings on the latest research, cutting-edge science, and healing applications from this expanding field.

Package Value: $500
Now Only: $247

The Power of Energy Medicine

Here’s some of what our brilliant speakers are sharing with you...

Bruce Lipton shows you how you can “turn off” disease-producing genes, and turn on genes that promote healing!

Donna Eden helps you discover the sweet spot in your chest and your heart chakra that can connect your soul and mind for whole-body healing.

Gregg Braden illuminates our super-human healing abilities and debunks mainstream theories of human evolution.

Crack your Energy Codes with Dr. Sue Morter to activate your capacity to heal and truly create your own reality.

Discover chants and tapping techniques to awaken your different energy centers — Robert Peng will guide you.

Get the energy flowing smoothly in your mind, body & spirit with world-renowned chakra expert Anodea Judith.

Receive fascinating insights about your empathic abilities and power to heal from Lee Harris.

Awaken your intuition and empathy with Judith Orloff to enhance your health, relationships, and emotional and physical wellbeing.

David Feinstein gives a sober perspective on controversies surrounding tapping and energy psychology.

Leading shamanism teacher Heather Dane shows you how to become a “hollow bone” for healing energies of the Great Spirit to flow through.  

Your Energy Medicine “Toolkit”

The visionary speakers in The  Energy Medicine Wisdom Collection 2019 demonstrate the curative and evolutionary powers of specific treatments and practices (PLUS how to easily integrate them in your daily life!).

They give you the exact tools and practices to expand your own personal ability to access to the larger life energy force, and they share practical skills to revitalize your health, community, and our world.

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With this invaluable resource you can turn to time and again, you’ll discover:

  • Ways that spiritual practice can create a haven amidst chaos and adversity — an internal place to find stillness before responding to challenging situations
  • The role energy plays in the connection between mind and body... and why it’s the essential key to healing & living in balance
  • How to improve your vision with Chinese Reflexology
  • Qigong — an ancient healing tool for modern times
  • Cutting-edge research about how your mind can shape your destiny
  • Meaningful grounding practices to address your physical, mental & emotional needs
  • Information about the chakras and how they influence a child’s wellbeing
  • Key insights for identifying if you’re an empath or a highly sensitive person
  • What YOU can do today to create a shift in the energy of your environment
  • An understanding about how your thoughts hold the power to immediately impact your physical body
  • That coherence between the heart and brain can move you out of trauma
  • Methods for diagnosing excessive or deficient energy in the chakras
  • Scientific research showing how you can create a long-lasting state of bliss, passion, energy & health
  • A 4,000-year-old practice to awaken different energy centers... to both ground you and bring you into spiritual connection
  • Profound practices based on Native American medicine and chakra clearing to remove ego, blockages, traumas & burdens
Here’s what participants had to say about our previous Energy Medicine & Healing summits...

To experience such a diverse array of teachings through so many different voices from the comfort of my own home, was such a gift and so enlightening. The interviewer was excellent in her questioning and her summarizing.
– Maggimae, Nova Scotia, Canada

The energetic info I received and the mind-opening wealth of experience shared during this summit has been phenomenal and I can’t wait to do it again. I am using new techniques that are changing the way I live my life.
– Connie Soto, Chico, CA

A beautiful, life transforming topic: energy healing. Beautiful points that you can start using right away to change your life.
– Goncalo Cunha de Sa, Portugal

The interviewer had a great rapport with the speakers. I also like that the interviewer summed up the major points at the end of the interviews and asked the speaker to share one important point for ending the interview.
– Anonymous

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to listen to all the sessions of this wonderful and profound Energy Medicine & Healing Summit 2017. So important for our wellbeing. For living a joyful life, in harmony with ourselves and others.
– Claudia C. Morales, Manrique, Spain

The Shift Network has assembled a treasure trove of interesting, diverse speakers for this wonderful online summit. I found every interview so positive and interesting that at the end of each interview I was rushing to find out more about each speaker. Every aspect of this summit seemed suffused with joy.
– Andrea Ayers, Los Angeles, CA

When you own The  Energy Medicine Wisdom Collection 2019, you’ll discover key insights and techniques that will help you heal and restore your body, balance your emotions, revitalize your spirit – and awaken your consciousness.

Here’s what You’ll Receive:

The Energy Medicine Wisdom Collection 2019 Digital Recordings & Transcript Downloads

The Energy Medicine Wisdom Collection 2019 includes lifetime access to all recordings and transcripts of every session from The Energy Medicine & Healing Summit series.

    Downloadable MP3 Recordings of EVERY session in the 2019 Energy Medicine & Healing Summit series

Streaming Videos of EVERY session in the 2019 Energy Medicine & Healing Summit series

PDF Transcripts of each session — to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, and search for key words

PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE of ELEVEN exclusive video & audio teachings (A $600.00 Value!)!

Package Value: $500
Now Only: $247


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