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PDF Transcripts of each session – to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, and search for keywords

PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE of EIGHT exclusive video & audio gifts, including course selections from three popular Shift Network Energy Medicine courses (a $375.00 value in itself!)

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Discover Balance, Restoration & Deep Healing

In our increasingly tech-centric culture, we’re becoming more and more distanced from our life force. We’re losing touch with our vital connection to the very source that’s naturally available to heal our bodies, balance our emotions, and awaken our consciousness.

By bringing our attention back to our own life-force energy, we’re able to recalibrate and rejuvenate the multiple systems in our body that keep us healthy and vital.

Today, more and more patients, practitioners, and doctors recognize the critical role of energy medicine in addressing a variety of health issues — including hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression, physical illness, emotional trauma, chronic illness, and more.

With The Energy Medicine Wisdom Collection 2020, you’ll discover a diverse number of therapies that can be applied easily — in a few minutes a day or through deep healing sessions with trained practitioners — and gain access to trusted guides who can show you exactly how to use the vast number of treatments wisely and effectively.

Lock in lifetime access to this abundant offering of energy medicine experts and modalities — and realize profound healing.

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3-Part Energy Medicine Package

A Selection of Modules From Three Energy Medicine Courses

Energy Medicine Yoga for Healing
3 Selected Sessions From Lauren Walker’s 7-Module Course

Learn simple, conscious, body-wise movements — to use in the moment and throughout your life — for remedying everyday stress and underlying trauma. Release emotional energy that can cause stress and disease using ancient techniques and modern science to rebalance and heal your energy-mind-body-spirit.

  • Module 1: Befriend Your Fight-or-Flight Response
  • Module 4: Free Yourself From Anxiety & Reignite Your Joy!
  • Module 6: Learn Acceptance, Faith & Letting Go

Your Electric Body
3 Selected Sessions From Eileen McKusick's 7-Module Course

Receive whole-body “tunings” — from feet to crown — to slow down your brain waves and shift every cell in your body from dis-ease to ease. Learn practices you can use daily to shift the electromagnetic energy in your biofield to address pain, anxiety, sleep, and digestive issues, and much more. You’ll amplify self-love and a sense of freedom, all while heightening playfulness, lightness, and vitality.

  • Module 1: Discovering Your Biofield Through Your Foundational Zone
  • Module 2: Exploring Imbalances & Finding a Comforting Groundedness
  • Module 3: Happily Receiving Resources for Boosting Creative Expression, Pleasure & Inspiration

Discover the Next Level of Energy Medicine
Opening 3 Sessions From Dr. Sue Morter’s 7-Module Course

Explore the next level of energy medicine with proven practices and principles for opening to your full energetic potential. Discover how to tap into the quantum field to expand your capacity to heal and create your life anew in each moment.

  • Module 1: Beyond Healing
  • Module 2: Befriending the Void
  • Module 3: Marrying Mind, Body & Breath for Deep Core Presence and Abundance

Vertical Awakening vs. Horizontal Living

Video Masterclass From Dr. Sue Morter

Recorded at Dr. Sue’s Energy Codes Level IV retreat, Dr. Sue shares the inspiration of how embracing your authenticity is exactly the energy the world needs right now. During the Masterclass, Dr. Sue also answers questions from students ranging from relationships — both romantic and familial — to messages from the “other side” and how to surrender to HeavenEarth and when to take action.

Celestial Labyrinth

Audio Album from Jonathan Goldman

Enjoy this brand-new album by Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman. This 70-minute recording features the celestial sounds of zither and Tibetan bowls woven together in a seamless, ambient manner that is designed for deep relaxation, meditation, and healing. Listening to these sounds will transport you to another dimension of peace and tranquility.

Flip Your Energy Switch: Melanie’s Powerful Way to Boost Your Health and Vitality

Video Teaching on Gene Expression With Melanie Roche

In this 5-minute video, Melanie Roche — energy healer and leader in mind-body complementary healthcare — shares quick, powerful practices to ideally affect your gene expression. With these tools, you can enjoy radiant health and reconnect with yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Drawing on her years of research and interviews with some of the world’s foremost social genomics and oncology researchers, Melanie offers practices based on our new understanding that our genes are not actually fixed, but rather, our inner state greatly affects gene expression. 

Calming the Chaos Through Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

Video Session With Kris Ferraro

Join Kris Ferraro, co-host of the Energy Medicine & Healing Summit, as she leads you through a series of energy balancing and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practices to release stuck emotions. Think of something bothering you, then follow along as Kris demonstrates how to calm inner stress and even physical pain. It ends with an uplifting, non-denominational healing prayer. Let yourself come back into beautiful balance now with this loving and restorative process.

Rituals & Routines for a Thriving & Successful Life

Map to Creating Your Peak Performance Rituals, With Marie Mbouni

With this superlative map, you'll learn how to create "peak performance" morning and evening routines! Learn an 8-step framework for morning meditation and journaling that fortifies you to live a thriving and successful life. You'll also receive a template for a forgiveness practice and can start your very own — for healing, balance, and wholeness.

Divine Trust & Divine Money Flow

Video Teaching With Lisseth Makhael

A big component of being a soul leader and lightworker is to totally let go... to know in your bones you are being guided and taken care of. In other words, it's about TRUST.

In this "quantum immersion" video you'll dive deep into transforming the pain and doubt, the programs and experiences that cause you to disconnect from the Divine. You'll learn to restore trust in the universe and the Divine — the key to living in peace and harmony, and creating the reality we are called to have.

You'll also receive supplemental teachings from the "divine flow" money series... learning the truth about money, clearing up the channel to allow more to go through you so you can create more impact and contribute to the new world!  This pairing of trust and divine flow is a must-have for any soul leader dedicated to creating a new world.

Your Soul Themes

Guided Video Journey With Sita PK

In this guided process with Sita PK, a professional clairvoyant, energy worker, and Vedic counselor, you'll address recurring themes in your life that correlate to your "soul lessons" in this life. 

Has anyone ever said to you, "If you had learned the lesson the first time, you wouldn't have needed to go through that again"? Many of us have been there! We often experience shame, or wonder if there's something wrong with us when we feel like we "should know better".... that we "should have learned this by now."

If any of this sounds familiar, there's a good chance that you're dealing with a soul theme. This process could be an invaluable step toward completion of that theme.

Amy's Holiday Survival Pack

4 Guided Audio Sessions with Amy B. Scher

Do you find the holidays super stressful and difficult? Amy B. Scher, bestselling author of How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can, is here to help you experience them with more ease and joy this season! Her four audio sessions will walk you through using her energy therapy approach to heal negative food reactions (60 minutes), release expectations of who/how others should be (62 minutes), and clear your chakras for better balance (65 minutes). It also comes with a bonus Q&A and holiday stress relief session.

You’ll receive ALL of these bonuses PLUS infinite access to the audio and video recordings and transcripts of every 2020 summit session — empowering you with essential teachings on the latest research and remarkable healing applications from this expanding field.

Package Value: $500 

Now Only $247

Here’s some of what our brilliant speakers will be sharing with you...

Dr. Sue Morter will masterfully demonstrate the two energy systems that run the body and teach you to move them into alignment with simple techniques.

Rollin McCraty will share new strides in breathwork research revealing that we are far more interconnected with each other and the earth’s field than previously imagined... and that how we "feed the field" in each moment has real impact.

Dr. Marie Mbouni shares a new energetic and breathing technique that can shift your mental & emotional state in minutes to break out of negative thoughts and into deep flow, creativity, and confidence.

Qigong master Robert Peng will guide you through a technique to bring energy into every center of your body – harmonizing your energy and balancing your wisdom, love, and vitality.

With Lisseth Makhael, you’ll learn three important steps to continuously embody your truth, step into your divine power, and upgrade your energetic matrix.

Dr. Judith Orloff will explain how intuitive medicine woven with spirituality can help you transform negative emotions – such as depression, anger, worry, and fear – into compassion, courage, and hope.

Discover from legendary energy healer Donna Eden how the vagus nerve is involved in many health conditions... including a compromised immune system, inflammation, anxiety, and even overeating.

Jean Haner will offer tips and practices from the spiritual side of Chinese medicine to maintain your unique energy in a healthy flow in all aspects of your life!

Lynne McTaggart will share insights into her groundbreaking research in global consciousness, and how to create transformational groups to effect change in themselves, each other, and the world.

Qigong master Mingtong Gu offers a path to address the energetic cause of all suffering, while reconnecting with the infinite source of all energy... including the energetic principles that underpin your entire existence.


And much more!

Your Energy Medicine Toolkit

The visionary speakers in The Energy Medicine Wisdom Collection 2020 will demonstrate the curative and evolutionary powers of specific treatments and practices (PLUS how to easily integrate them in your daily life!).

They’ll give you the exact tools and practices to expand your overall vibrancy and wellbeing, which you can in turn transmit to your community, and our world.

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With this invaluable resource you can turn to time and again, you’ll discover:

  • The effect that energy medicine practices can have on gene expression and your health
  • Fast and effective Qigong practices to process stress & regulate emotions

  • Sound healing tools to create healthy energy flow and daily detoxification in the brain

  • Advanced methods for training your hands to sense the subtle energy field
  • How to "raise your voltage" to open up a whole new world of possibility for improving health, solving problems, and accessing your full potential
  • An introduction to Logosynthesis®, a new simple and effective healing practice for resolving “frozen” energy in your system
  • How to bolster your health baseline and release energy blockages related to stress, sickness, and trauma
  • Three specific types of light you can access to create health, prosperity, and love
  • Ways you can use energy to deepen relationships
  • Remarkable research on the nature of healing intention, and how it can be captured, stored, and reproduced
  • How your life lessons are reflected through vibrational energy, which shows up through color
  • Methods supporting the health of organs that are particularly vulnerable to stress
  • How to set much-needed boundaries as you delve into the realm of energy exchange with others
  • And much more!

Here’s what participants had to say about our previous Energy Medicine & Healing summits...

“… such a gift and so enlightening.”
To experience such a diverse array of teachings through so many different voices from the comfort of my own home was such a gift and so enlightening. The interviewer was excellent in her questioning and her summarizing.
— Maggimae, Nova Scotia, Canada

“I am using new techniques that are changing the way I live my life.”
The energetic info I received and the mind-opening wealth of experience shared during this summit has been phenomenal and I can't wait to do it again. I am using new techniques that are changing the way I live my life.
— Connie Soto, Chico, California

“Beautiful points that you can start using right away to change your life.”
A beautiful, life-transforming topic: energy healing. Beautiful points that you can start using right away to change your life.
— Gonçalo Cunha de Sá, Portugal

“For living a joyful life, in harmony with ourselves and others.”
I'm very grateful for the opportunity to listen to all the sessions of this wonderful and profound Energy Medicine Summit. So important for our wellbeing. For living a joyful life, in harmony with ourselves and others.
— Claudia C. Morales, Manrique, Spain

“Every aspect of this summit seemed suffused with joy.”
The Shift Network has assembled a treasure trove of interesting, diverse speakers for this wonderful online summit. I found every interview so positive and interesting that at the end of each interview I was rushing to find out more about each speaker. Every aspect of this summit seemed suffused with joy.
— Andrea Ayers, Los Angeles, California

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

The Energy Medicine Wisdom Collection 2020

The Energy Medicine Wisdom Collection 2020 includes INSTANT access (after broadcast) to all recordings and transcripts of every session from the Energy Medicine & Healing Summit.

Streaming Videos of EVERY session in the Energy Medicine & Healing Summit – watch on any connected device

Audio Recordings of EVERY session in the Energy Medicine & Healing Summit – listen on any connected device

PDF Transcripts of each session – to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, and search for keywords

PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE of EIGHT exclusive video & audio gifts, including course selections from three popular Shift Network Energy Medicine courses (a $375.00 value in itself!)


Package Value: $500 

Now Only $247


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