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Channel Your Unique Genius by Discovering Your Soul Gift

Broadcast on November 17, 2022
With Mellissa Seaman, JD
Hosted by Dr. Robyn Benson

Join Mellissa Seaman as she shares how you can work with your gifts, and not against them. You'll learn about your soul gift type, your natural intuitive genius, and your life's expertise, so you can align with your unique energy signature, and open your channel to co-create healing, joy, and abundance in your everyday life.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to reveal what type of intuitive you are, sourced from your unique soul gift
  • Self-worth channel clearing, so you can embrace your naturally gifted genius
  • How to connect with your invisible team to effortlessly activate profound healing, connection, and abundance 
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Mellissa Seaman, JD

Intuitive Strategist

Mellissa Seaman was a Stanford-educated business lawyer until her intuitive abilities awakened in the year 2000 with the birth of her daughter. She was adopted, trained, and ordained by indigenous teacher Maria Yraceburu of the Tlish Diyan, learning to bridge ancient wisdom and intuitive practices into modern times. Her Soul Gift Quiz and system have helped tens of thousands of people worldwide to identify their deepest gifts and best directions in life.

As founder of Channel Your Genius, an online wisdom school, and business school combined, Mellissa has taught hundreds of intuitively gifted people to bridge the worlds and do their souls' work with integrity, satisfaction, and abundance.  As a guide and teacher of profound healing, she has cleared thousands of people of their blocks to success and spiritual empowerment.

Mellissa has been recognized by lawyers for her early work in public interest advocacy, by her clients for helping them create products that do good things in the world, and by her Indigenous elders for being a Truth Speaker. Her heart is especially devoted to supporting professional women who are waking up to their deepest calling as channels of their own unique genius. 

Mellissa Seaman, JD