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The Healing Power of Trusting Your Intuition and Expanding Your Energetic Awareness

Broadcast on November 18, 2022
With Aimee Leigh
Hosted by Alkemia Earth

Join Aimee Leigh as she discusses how to create an empowered sacred relationship with your intuition, to heal and live your best life untethered. Trust your intuition and expand your energy awareness to raise your vibration, expand your consciousness, and access what is truly possible. You hold the power to shift and release energy to heal, create, and expand into greater abundance and wellbeing.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • An experiential energetic journey where you will feel what it is like to expand your energy awareness to access your intuition
  • That when you expand your energetic awareness, your intuition heightens, and transformation occurs — replacing fear and doubt with certainty and empowerment
  • The languages of the body and soul to unite wholeness and trust in self, creating an empowered sacred relationship
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Aimee Leigh

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer, Author, Speaker

Aimee Leigh is a dynamic international spiritual teacher, intuitive consultant, energy worker, author, and speaker. She is an expert in the field of intuition and energy awareness. Aimee mentors and teaches individuals empowering skills to create highly fulfilling, inspired lives and businesses by developing their intuition and learning energy skills to live and lead at their fullest potential. 

Her consultations offer intuitive energetic insight and guidance to create success and well-being in life and business. With a unique blend of compassion, neutrality, humor, and truth, Aimee brings all of her experience and wisdom to support others to reconnect with their spirit, trust their intuition, and expand their energy awareness. Her mission is to help others live life intuitively guided, self-resourced, empowered, and authentic to manifest their best authentic life.

Aimee is the founder of Soul Happy, offering courses, group programs, intuitive readings, healing sessions, and private mentorships.

Aimee Leigh