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Self-Care in the Era of 5G and Beyond: How to Thrive in a Modern World

Broadcast on November 14, 2022
With Dr. Melanie Smith
Hosted by Alkemia Earth

According to Dr. Melanie Smith, electromagnetic pollution has an energy all its own. Learn to empower yourself with energy medicine and sound healing tools to fortify your auric field against these electromagnetic invaders. Recognize how EMF’s toxic energies and emotions alter your aura’s function as the antenna to your biofield. Identify the essentials of grounding when working with these energies and understand the role your vagus nerve plays in building EMF resiliency.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to clear and release fear and anxiety around these invisible energy invaders
  • A vagus nerve exercise to support EMF resiliency with sound healing
  • The aura filter, a new energy medicine technique to ground you, clear out EMF toxins, and expand your auric field
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Dr. Melanie Smith

Doctor of Oriental Medicine & Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Melanie Smith is recognized as one of the most powerful energy medicine teachers of our time. She is a doctor of Oriental medicine, acupuncture physician, Shift Network faculty, Eden Energy Medicine advanced practitioner, and senior faculty for Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine certification program in the U.S. and United Kingdom.

Over 25 years ago, Melanie sustained a serious injury. When Western medicine could not improve her condition, she turned to alternative medicine and fully recovered. As a result, she changed careers and has since dedicated her life to empowering people to transform their lives by connecting with their own inner healers through the power of energy medicine. She's known for her intuitive ability to help people heal complex health issues — with her holistic approach embodying a unique fusion of energy medicine, sound healing, acupuncture, Oriental medicine, emotional healing, and nutrition.

Passionate about inspiring others to learn, grow, and heal, Melanie has created multiple Energy Medicine for Healthy Living™ online courses and charts.  Her recent courses for The Shift Network include “Discover Your Vagus Nerve as an Energetic Healing Pathway”​... “Access the Vagus Nerve’s Power to Heal”​... and “Energetic Resilience in the Electromagnetic Era of 5G.”​

Melanie has provided energy consultations to patients in over 50 countries and all 50 states, taught workshops on four continents, and treated thousands of patients in person and online.

Dr. Melanie Smith