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With Alkemia Earth & Dr. Robyn Benson

Alkemia Earth

Certified Energy Healer, Spiritual Alchemist & Founder of Ascension Academy

Alkemia Earth is a certified energy healer and founder of the Ascension Academy. With over 10 years of experience in energy healing and having guided over 60,000 students in their healing journey since 2020 with her online energy healing workshops and courses, Alkemia has been featured in Medium.comPsychology Today and appeared at the Obama White House.

Alkemia is an apprentice of Cyndi Dale and a longtime student of internationally renowned Master Zhou Ting Ju — a Qigong, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu Grandmaster, and an extraordinary living treasure known as the “Jewel of China.”

Alkemia has trained extensively over 2 decades and has received certifications in/as a: Meditation Guide, Kundulini Yoga (200hrs), Usui Reiki (Master), Bioenergy Healing (Master), Life and Spiritual Coaching, Spiritual Alchemy, and Qigong levels 1 and 2.

Dr. Robyn Benson

Regenerative Medicine Specialist & Founder of the Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health

For 30+ years Dr. Robyn Benson has been a Doctor of Oriental Medicine creatively applying her knowledge of acupuncture, herbs, IV therapies with regenerative science, and leading-edge energy medicine to help patients get out of pain and help them understand the value of living a regenerative lifestyle. Dr. Benson founded and built Santa Fe Soul Center for Regenerative Medicine, as she pioneered The Self-Care Revolution, created Amplified Regenerative Therapies (A.R.T.), and Destination Regenerate. Dr. Benson is a bestselling author of Travel With Vitality which will soon be relaunched as a paperback to include an updated version with a BONUS Chapter on pre/post-Covid. She is a mother, adventure enthusiast, world traveler, and dynamic speaker bringing natural, innovative, and game-changing options to today's health care.

Alkemia Earth & Dr. Robyn Benson