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How to Have a Healthy, Happy, and Prosperous Relationship With Your Money

Broadcast on November 15, 2022
With Krisstina Wise
Hosted by Dr. Robyn Benson

Krisstina Wise shares the 6 integrated parts of money that are key to building wealth, freedom, and financial sovereignty. She also discusses how your health plays a vital role in acquiring and maintaining wealth. You’ll learn how to integrate money into your health, wealth, and relationships to improve your financial stability.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to optimize the 3 categories of life health, relationships, and wealth
  • How to understand the categories of money, literacy, and income streams
  • Different ways to plan for spending, saving, and portfolio creation
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Krisstina Wise

Founder of Wealthy Wellthy

Krisstina Wise has made it her life's work to master money. She is a self-made multi-millionaire with the equivalent of at least two PhDs of intense study with some of the business world's most sage and seasoned mentors. Her training and experience have built proven systems that work-- in both good and challenging times. After nearly losing her life in 2013 and spending almost half a million dollars to recover, her mission is now to inspire others to build extraordinary wealth and optimal health.

Named one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in the country, she has been featured in USA TODAY and recognized by Apple and Evernote for her creative leadership with emerging technologies. Krisstina is an international speaker and award-winning author of the Amazon bestseller "Falling For Money," a romance novel for your bank account. She’s also the Founder and CEO of Wealthy Wellthy, Wise Money Method, and Goodlife Luxury. 

She may wear athletic clothes and a baseball cap for almost any occasion, but don't let that fool you. Financial sovereignty means the freedom to choose. Krisstina chooses to show up in a baseball cap instead of a Lamborghini, even though she could choose the latter. Learn more about her money school for micro-business owners at 

Krisstina Wise