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Powerful Action Steps to Direct the Healer Within You

Broadcast on November 15, 2022
With Tina Zion
Hosted by Alkemia Earth

How often have you felt helpless about the health of your body? We are not as helpless as we sometimes feel, and we are much more powerful than we realize. Most people have never been taught about their natural healing abilities. We weren't taught this as children, because the adults caring for us were not given this information either. According to Tina Zion, we humans are very powerful and very much in charge of our lives.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Within all of us there is a powerful healer
  • The primary steps to alter our bodies and our lives
  • How to take positive action and quickly sense the difference
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Tina Zion

Award-Winning Author & International Teacher of Medical Intuition and Mediumship

Tina Zion, a fourth-generation intuitive medium, is globally acclaimed as an expert in medical intuition and mediumship and is a 1st place gold award-winning author. She has taught self-development courses, with an emphasis on medical intuition and mediumship, for more than 25 years.

Tina carries a national board specialty certification in mental health nursing and is a Gestalt-trained mental health counselor. She is a clinical hypnotherapist specializing in past-life and Life Between Lives regressions. Tina became a Reiki master teacher in the early 1990s and taught this healing modality for over 10 years.

Tina’s five books include Become a Medical Intuitive... Advanced Medical Intuition... The Reiki Teacher’s Manual... Reiki and Your Intuition... and her newest book Be Your Own Medical Intuitive

Tina Zion