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How to Empower YOU: Energy Medicine as the Way of the Future

Broadcast on November 17, 2022
With Dr. Divi Chandna
Hosted by Alkemia Earth

According to Dr. Divi Chandna, energy medicine is the way of the future. Learn basic tools and techniques today that can help you on this path. We can all self-heal and empower ourselves by learning skills today that can help us everyday.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to shift the thought that life and illness happen to us by accident
  • The mind and emotions are the center warehouse of your self-healing and respond quickly to basic techniques 
  • How to feel your heart energy and then move it into your auric field and around you as a coating of compassion
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Dr. Divi Chandna

Mind Body Spirit Medicine Expert, Intuitive Coach & Founder of the Intuitive Coach Training Program

Author and keynote speaker Dr. Divi Chandna believes our power lies within us. She loves to help clients shift, heal, and transform their lives through intuition, love, and waking up to their own power. She started her career as a family physician, but after becoming sick herself, she discovered the power of yoga and meditation, practices that unlocked her intuitive gifts. Divi has been practicing as a professional certified intuitive for the past ten years, and clearly sees the link between our thoughts, emotions, illness and health. She founded and runs a program called Intuitive Coach Training (ICT) to help people awaken to their own gifts, and heal themselves. 

Dr. Divi Chandna