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The Vitality of Money

Broadcast on November 15, 2022
With Sarah McCrum
Hosted by Alkemia Earth

Sarah McCrum will explore how your relationship with money directly affects your health and wellbeing. As you recognize your own money patterns, you will gain insight into how you can create a relationship with money that is supportive of your vitality and makes you feel more joyful and alive.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How the energy of money is linked with your personal energy and wellbeing
  • How to heal your relationship with money so you can increase your vitality
  • A 10-minute energy activation for money and vitality
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Sarah McCrum

Money Consciousness Teacher, Coach & Author

Sarah McCrum believes in a society that is fundamentally based on love, generosity, and a deep understanding of the essence of being human. Her purpose is to contribute to creating a world that works for 100% of humanity. She’s an author, educator, business innovator, and the founder of Liberate Humanity, a place for learning and sharing the skills for liberating the human spirit.

Sarah has spent more than 20 years teaching and coaching business owners and their families. She’s the creator of the innovative program, “Thank You Money,” based on the principles of her book, Love Money, Money Loves You. Over 10,000 people have completed courses with Sarah, building a relationship with money that’s founded on love, abundance, generosity, and nature. 

She’s also the co-originator of LOVE TO, a group of mutual companies that bring large-scale capital to grassroots people who protect and regenerate nature and human quality of life. LOVE TO has been built from the ground up on the principles of Sarah’s book and work. It’s an example of what’s possible when we build businesses based on the spirit of generosity.

Sarah McCrum